Blog Posts in February, 2018

  • How Property Is Divided in a Divorce

    When you get divorced, you know that you will usually not get all of the property in the marital residence. It makes sense to you that the property will be divided. But what does that mean when you are trying to plan for what the next phase of your life? Under Oregon law, marital property is defined as all property owned by either the husband or the wife, including property that was brought into ...
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  • Ten Proven Stress Reducers

    1. Schedule a realistic day. When you think about what you “need” to do that day, and create a mental list, only it will really take you a week to do the things on your list, the list and the frustration stays in your head. 2. Be Flexible. Do you really have to do everything perfectly, or it is acceptable to compromise and move on with the rest of your day. 3. Let it go. Once you realize that the ...
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    Going through a divorce is generally regarded as one of the most difficult times in a person’s life, even more so than the death of a spouse. In death, there is finality. In divorce, there are all kinds of ties and loose ends that linger and boundaries that have to redefined in relationship to kids, extended family and financial ties. The divorce may not have been your idea, and divorce, even for ...
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