Rose L. Hubbard

Rose L Hubbard is a family law attorney who has been practicing law for over 27 years in Oregon and Washington. A fierce advocate for children, Rose says “my hidden client is your child.” Rose also has represented children, ranging from age 2 to 17, in divorce cases, and finds representing children to be a uniquely satisfying experience because it gives children a voice in the process, without giving children more control than they can developmentally handle. In any kind of family law issue, ranging from property division to spousal support to international child abduction cases, Rose continually looks for a way to create solutions, not just fill out the forms.

“I genuinely care about what happens to my clients. Everyone has a story and deserves to be heard. I see every divorce as a way to help people get their life back on track in a way that minimizes damage to the kids. I love what I do because I see it making a difference.”

Rose L Hubbard graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988 from Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark in Portland, Oregon, and from Reed College in 1983. She has written a book on custody disputes and evaluations, entitled “Getting Past Ugly: Understanding Custody Disputes and Evaluations”, as well as co-authored chapters on spousal support and child support for the Oregon State Bar for many years.She also writes frequently on family law and related topics on her blog, ranging from personality disorders to divorce trauma.

Rose loves to kayak, cook, garden, go to the ballet, and travel. Some of the interesting pictures on her office wall are from India, Russia, Turkey and Egypt, because there is always a new experience out there waiting to happen. Rose is especially enthusiastic about her grandchildren and her dogs, Theo, Ernie, and Skip.