Tigard Divorce Attorneys

Trial-Tested, Caring Family Lawyers

At Evans & Hubbard, we work hard to find the right solution for you, ready to advocate zealously for you inside or outside of a courtroom. From mediation and arbitration to a divorce trial, our Beaverton and Lake Oswego divorce attorneys are ready to represent your interests.

60+ Years of Shared Experience

Rose and Mike each have over 25 years’ experience handling family law issues such as divorce, paternity, custody, child support, spousal support, and more. As seasoned litigators, we are well-prepared to get you positive results from a trial as well as from negotiations. If your family law matter is in Oregon, we are ready with the hands-on guidance you need for each step of the process ahead.

Providing Support with Compassion

Our family law attorneys never forget that the “case” is our client’s life. We are genuinely dedicated to helping people at a difficult point in their lives to build a constructive path forward, keeping an eye to minimize the collateral damage that can occur from the process.

Moving Forward with Common Sense

Litigation is not the only way, and it is often not the best way to resolve a family law matter. There are many ways to settle a divorce or other family law case without putting your life in the hands of a stranger in black robes, such as four-way client and lawyer settlement meetings, county and private mediation, judicial settlement conferences, and arbitration. We tirelessly pursue the best possible solution for your unique case.

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