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    Telling people that you are going through a divorce can be like telling people you have cancer. Some people will run as fast as they can the other direction, because they don’t want to get involved. Some people want to “take your side” and let you know they never did like your spouse anyway. Some people want to show support by telling their own stories that just add burden to the person who needs ...
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  • Your Attorney Can Help You Sell Your House!!

    You are getting divorced, and you know you have to sell your house. You also know you need to have an attorney, but every time you open that monthly bill, you really don’t want to incur any more fees than you have to. Besides, you have a great realtor, why would you spend money talking to an attorney? You just want to sell the house fast, for top dollar, and then have the title company hold the ...
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  • Anger In the Midst of Divorce

    It is an often repeated phrase that everybody goes temporarily insane when they get divorce. Calm rational people who in normal circumstances function in a reasonably competent matter suddenly have daily flashes of anger. Things that most people would be able to just let go become the “I have to assert my boundaries” and refuse to budge on picking up the kids at 5:45 pm rather than 6 pm. So what ...
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  • When Your Final Divorce Judgment Doesn't Finalize Your Mortgage Obligations

    It’s been months since you and your spouse moved into separate residences. Even more months have gone by while you went through the divorce process. You finally went to court, or made an agreement as to all of the details that you needed to make to hit the ground running to finally start leading your new life. Or did all of the details get covered? Your existing mortgage company is not necessarily ...
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  • Is Divorce the Right Option For You?

    Of the major life stressors, including death of a child, death of a spouse, loss of employment, divorce and major medical conditions, divorce usually ranks second or third. I have had many people tell me that they think divorce, particularly divorce when there are minor children, is more stressful than death of a family member. After all, death has finality, and with divorce, you have to keep ...
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    Sometimes we all need a little help, and in a divorce context, sometimes that little bit of help means that someone is supervising the parenting time with your child and the other parent or maybe the only way you are able to see your child is if someone is supervising. What’s that all about? Supervised parenting time most often occurs when there has been an allegation of physical abuse of a child, ...
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    Your divorce is finally over. You and your ex-spouse have a parenting plan that allows your children to have significant time with both parents, and your children have adjusted well to the schedule. You are the primary parent, but the other parent has every other weekend, one overnight in the midweek, and half of the weeks in the summer. Life is good. You move on with your life as a single parent. ...
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    Custody disputes, when they are in a single case, in a single jurisdiction, are complicated. At the end of a dispute, there is a judgment, which defines what parenting time will be for each parent, and who has decision making authority, which is the essence of what having “custody” means. Having decision making authority does not mean that authority is absolute. It does not mean that you have the ...
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    In a divorce, the shifting psychological dynamics come up in many ways. The most obvious is when child custody is strongly contested between the two parents. If there is an abusive relationship to begin with, or a relationship where there is not a balance of emotional power between the parties, then causing self-doubt in a person who already has self-doubt has obvious gains for the person making ...
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