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    Telling people that you are going through a divorce can be like telling people you have cancer. Some people will run as fast as they can the other direction, because they don’t want to get involved. Some people want to “take your side” and let you know they never did like your spouse anyway. Some people want to show support by telling their own stories that just add burden to the person who needs ...
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  • Your Attorney Can Help You Sell Your House!!

    You are getting divorced, and you know you have to sell your house. You also know you need to have an attorney, but every time you open that monthly bill, you really don’t want to incur any more fees than you have to. Besides, you have a great realtor, why would you spend money talking to an attorney? You just want to sell the house fast, for top dollar, and then have the title company hold the ...
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  • How Property Is Divided in a Divorce

    When you get divorced, you know that you will usually not get all of the property in the marital residence. It makes sense to you that the property will be divided. But what does that mean when you are trying to plan for what the next phase of your life? Under Oregon law, marital property is defined as all property owned by either the husband or the wife, including property that was brought into ...
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  • Ten Proven Stress Reducers

    1. Schedule a realistic day. When you think about what you “need” to do that day, and create a mental list, only it will really take you a week to do the things on your list, the list and the frustration stays in your head. 2. Be Flexible. Do you really have to do everything perfectly, or it is acceptable to compromise and move on with the rest of your day. 3. Let it go. Once you realize that the ...
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    Going through a divorce is generally regarded as one of the most difficult times in a person’s life, even more so than the death of a spouse. In death, there is finality. In divorce, there are all kinds of ties and loose ends that linger and boundaries that have to redefined in relationship to kids, extended family and financial ties. The divorce may not have been your idea, and divorce, even for ...
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  • SUPERVISED PARENTING TIME -- Who needs that?

    Sometimes we all need a little help, and in a divorce context, sometimes that little bit of help means that someone is supervising the parenting time with your child and the other parent or maybe the only way you are able to see your child is if someone is supervising. What’s that all about? Supervised parenting time most often occurs when there has been an allegation of physical abuse of a child, ...
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  • PREMARITAL, POSTMARITAL AND MARITAL SETTLEMENT AGREEMENTS: what are contracts doing in divorce cases?

    If there is any single point that drives most nonlawyers (and most lawyers for that matter!) crazy about family law, it is that there is a morass of gray areas. What child custody means is not set out in the statute, nor in the case law, but we have a statute on the factors to award custody. We know that there is a statute stating that if property was acquired by gift or inheritance, it is not ...
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