Michael S. Evans & Rose L. Hubbard
Attorneys at Law

At Evans & Hubbard, we have experience, compassion and common sense.

Experience.  Rose and Mike have over 50 years combined experience in family law, handling divorce, paternity, child custody, parenting time, child support, and spousal support and other modifications, as well as estate planning, wills, trusts and probate. In family law, experience DOES make a difference. If you hire either Rose or Mike, you are hiring an attorney with more than twenty years of experience, who has been in a courtroom literally hundreds of times and faced a wide variety of family law issues, with a second attorney also with more than twenty years of experience behind you as well. If you want to settle your case, experience is just as important when it comes to evaluating and negotiating a result you can live with.

Compassion.  We enjoy being family law attorneys because it gives us an opportunity to genuinely help people at a difficult point in their lives to build a constructive path forward, with an eye to minimizing the collateral damage that can occur from the process. We genuinely care about what happens to our clients and their children. Because we care about what happens to our clients and their children, we help you make better decisions that affect your life. We never forget the fact that the “case” is our client’s life.

Common Sense.  Family legal problems deserve to be handled with an eye on the costs of the process, financial, legal and emotional. Litigation is not the only way, and often not the best way, to resolve a family law problem. Every case requires a serious review to determine if there is a solution short of the court room. There are many ways to settle a divorce or other family law case without putting your life in the hands of a stranger in black robes. A few methods of alternative dispute resolution include four-way client and lawyer settlement meetings, county and private mediation (with or without attorneys), judicial settlement conferences, and arbitration. We work hard to find the right solution for you. If the case cannot be settled for whatever reason, we are ready to advocate zealously for you in a courtroom.

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